Stone of the Month - Archive

Mary River Stone with Purple Gidgee Base

Lindsay Bebb Collection

 mary river stone

Mary River Stone, Country of origin: Australia. Location: Mary River, Queensland. Mineral composition: Not known. Dimensions: 15 x 29 x 12 cm. Base carved by Lindsay Bebb


Kamogawa River Stone

Collected over 100 years ago

Sam and Kathy Edge Collection


 Kamogawa River Stone


This Kamogawa River Stone measures 28 x 10 x 12.7cm and has a beautiful patina as evidenced from the photograph. We first saw this stone on a web site owned by a suiseki dealer in Kyoto, Japan.


Three Peak, Three Layer Mountain, Wen Stone

Joseph and Jana Roussel Collection, France

wen stone

This month’s Stone of the Month is a Wen stone from Joseph and Jana Roussel’s collection.  The Roussels focus on Chinese stones and have greatly benefited from the teaching of leading expert Kemin HU.  They have shared their love of stones through workshops including at the Guimet, France’s National Asian Art museum.


Il Volo, Palombino Stone

Luciana Queirolo Collection, Italy


 il volo, palombino stone


This month’s Stone of the Month is an Italian stone from Luciana Queirolo’s collection. Luciana, a pioneer of viewing stone appreciation in Italy, exhibited her first stones in 1988 and was a founding member and president of Unici di Liguria, the first suiseki club in Italy and in Europe, founded in 1991. Liguria, Italy, is the region where the now famous Palombino stones are found. They are valued for their luster, color, patina and evocative shapes, many expressing the mountainous Italian landscape and coastline.


Minamoto no Yoritomo, Fossilized wood, Cheyenne River

Paul Gilbert Collection, USA




This hard, small stone has deep texture and nice rich dark colors of green, black, red and brown. It was discovered near the Cheyenne River by a sheep rancher, a generation ago, and was passed down as a fascinating rock. It is not only fascinating; it a great example of why fossilized wood can make an excellent viewing stone. Stone measures 7 x 5 x 11 cm. The base was carved out of black walnut by the owner Paul Gilbert.

Palombino Stone, Italy

Angelo Attiná Collection, Italy


 Palombino stone, Attiná collection


This month’s Stone of the Month is a retrospective of stones from the Angelo Attiná collection, presented by BCI member Luciana Queirolo, a stone collector herself and a pioneer of viewing stone appreciation in Italy.