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How to Use this Website


Help Desk


Use the Help Desk link in the page footer to open a Case Ticket if you need assistance with any technical aspect of this website.

BCI is governed by a group of volunteers in different time zones across the globe and managed by a small staff, so please allow a few days for a response.

If your request is about BCI administrative matters, use the contact information provided on About BCI/Officers.

How to Use this Website


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  1. BCI members with paid plans, login with your username and password to access the online magazine and the magazine archives of past issues from 2011 to the present. 
  2. If you have forgotten your username or password or if the ones you are entering don’t work, click on Forgot password? or Forgot your username? Follow the on-screen instructions and please enter the email address for your account. A verification code will be sent to you. Once you have received the verification code, you will be able to choose a new password for your account.
  3. When your membership is about to expire, our automated system will send you reminders so you can renew for uninterrupted membership to BCI. Your membership status is also confirmed on the address label of each issue of the BCI Bonsai & Stone Appreciation magazine mailed to you.
  4. When you wish to renew, please click on the green RENEW/REGISTER button on the far right at the top of every page. After you complete this process, your new membership term is added to your profile with no interruption in service.
  5. Keep your profile up to date to take full advantage of BCI services and offers. After you log in, click on Edit Profile to review and edit settings, including passwords and username.
  6. Managing two accounts with one email address: If you are managing your individual account an account for your club, you can now use the same e-mail address if you prefer. This is a manual adjustment at our end please make a request by contacting th BCI Business Office.
  7. Your BCI membership number is the default user name to your account but if you prefer, choose your own, more memorable username.

How to Use this Website

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BCI members have a choice of 4 paid membership plans. Online, Individual, Club and Life. Details and costs for each plans vary but all include a subscription to BCI Bonsai & Stone Appreciation Magazine. This glossy, high quality publication reports on bonsai and stone activities around the world, features stories on artists and collectors, as well as informative articles on bonsai methods, processes, and species. Stone collectors will enjoy coverage of viewing stones from every geological area on earth.

BCI members are given first chance to register for the BCI Annual Convention held in different parts of the world and opportunities to participate in photo contests and online auctions of viewing stones.


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How to Use this Website


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  • Log in to the BCI Member Log In box on the right side of the home page with your member number or user ID and your password. If you don’t know this information, click on Forgot User Name or Forgot Password and follow the prompts.
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  • If you run into a problem, use the Help Desk to send us an email. We are here to help.

Now that our membership database is online and interactive, there are a few things to keep in mind .

  • Each subscription requires a valid email address. The same email address cannot be used for a second subscription. If you subscribe on behalf or your club, use a different email address.
  • If you cannot log on for any reason, contact us to reset your log in and assign you a temporary password. Do not create a new account.

    Don't have email? No problem. Contact our business office at 440-871-4797 to renew by phone or by mail.