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Othmar Auer - Italy *

Othmar Auer

I acquired the secrets of the Art of Bonsai by Japanese Bonsai 
Masters, partly in Japan. My stay in Japan allowed me to learn special techniques which are necessary to realize these little jewels. Like this I also came in 
contact with Japanese philosophy which is absolutely binding to 
the practise of Bonsai at the highest levels.
Thanks to my unique creations, I was able to become the first non-Japanese member to be admitted into the Japanese Association of Bonsai Artists. I am the President of the European section of the Japanese Association of  Bonsai Artists, since 2000. I was responsible for the design and  coordination of very high level Bonsai exhibitions in Europe.
Since 2003 bonsai is my full time job.  During courses, I pass on my knowledge which I acquired  in Japan at Master Hideo Suzuki, at the School of Bonsai Art and as a member of the Japanese Association of Bonsai Artists. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience with Bonsai and a constant  updating, I have a large knowledge of the creation and the care of  this art. The aim of my classes is to transmit Bonsai to 
participants at both a theoretical and practical level. All the  courses take place in my garden. In this way, it is possible to  have a lot of illustrative material. Every year more than a 100  students who join the courses testify to the quality of my 
They come from Italy, Austria, Germany, the Czech, Republic and Switzerland.

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