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What is Bonsai?


Bonsai and Penjing Styles

by Gudrun Benz, drawings by Willi Benz


Containers for Bonsai

bonsai pots

Pots, Slabs and Rocks

From stoneware to wooden boxes.


Part 1

judging bonsai

Judging Bonsai
Who Decides What is Good?

By Kath Hughes and Malcom Hughes, UK in PDF format.

Part 2

trees on display

Why judge bonsai?
All in the Eye of the Beholder

By Kath Hughes and Malcom Hughes, UK in PDF format.

Part 3

bonsai forest

Judging Bonsai
The Criteria

By Kath Hughes and Malcom Hughes, UK in PDF format.

Tools for Bonsai

concave cutter

Pruning, Wiring, Potting and Carving

Learn about Bonsai tools- different tools for different jobs

Take Care of Your Tools

bonsai tools

Cleaning, Sharpening, Reconditioning

By Bill Sullivan - Bonsai tool care Tips and tricks

Lew's Lessons

LL author

About Lew Buller

Author, Teacher and Recipient of BCI 2010 Meritorious Service Award

Bonsai Technicques

LL techniques

Bonsai Techniques

Air Layering fertilizing, photography, wiring, tools, transplanting, Raffia

Know your trees

LL know your trees

Know your trees

Lingstrum, Olive, Floss Silk Tree, Bald Cypress, Ginko Biloboa, Golden Monterery Cypress

Basics of design

LL design basics

Basics of Design

Introduction, Formal, Informal, Slanting, Cascade, Clump, Computer Designs

Hints &Teasers

LL teasers 1

Hints and Teasers

Meanderings, Hints and Brain Teasers