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BCI Convention and Tours

A major international convention is sponsored each year by BCI (Bonsai Clubs International) and the local host club. Conventions attract some of the best talent in tree styling and stone appreciation worldwide. Participants have the opportunity to learn from these artists and interact with people with shared interests. Visit different countries and participate in the conventions and tours while you learn. Combined with each convention are tours visiting spectacular sights, beautiful and historic venues, including China, Europe, Australia and the U.S. You get the opportunity to see some of the finest collections of trees and stones, public and private. Let BCI handle your bonsai travel tour.



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BCI Bonsai and Stone Appreciation Magazine

Membership includes subscription to our full color Bonsai & Stone Appreciation Magazine. Published quarterly, it contains illustrated articles written by leading specialists informing you about current activities, techniques, and news from throughout the world. Learn of the upcoming BCI conventions, tours, and other benefits in each issue. Members have the choice of receiving a printed magazine or viewing it on line via our Members Only section of our website.



BCI Photo Contest

Each year, BCI sponsors a photograph contest for its members. All the photographs of the winning trees and stones are featured in the magazine and on the website. This is a wonderful opportunity to get your photos seen by a vast, appreciative audience. You must be a BCI member to enter. Entry criteria are available in our magazine and website. Join, enter and win!


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BCI Awards

For over thirty years, BCI has recognized outstanding achievers and contributors to the world of bonsai and stone appreciation. Annual worldwide awards given to individuals by Bonsai Clubs International include the Artist, Writer and Photographer Award, and the Distinguished Service Award. More recently, BCI initiated a new level of awards, the Award of Excellence medal that is given by individual BCI board members. Presented primarily at local and regional meetings and exhibitions, they serve to recognize emerging talent, and excellent trees and stones.


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