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BCI 2017 Bonsai Convention: Xizhou Park, Changhua County, Tawain

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Previews of the BCI International Convention 2018 in Mulhouse, France

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For the Aroma of Wine- 2018 BCI Post Convention Tour of Easter France October 15-21

About Q1 2018 Issue

The feature article in this issue is a report on the 2017 BCI International Convention in Taiwan. The theme expressed before the event—“Explore the Beauty & Culture of Taiwan”—was an understatement. For those who have never visited Taiwan, words alone could not have prepared them for the experience. Conference Chairman Tsang-Shing Chen and his organizing committees, volunteers and supporters, delivered a convention of amazing scope. Bonsai was first introduced to Taiwan during the period of Japanese colonization over a hundred years ago, but it was in the ’80s and in the ’90s that bonsai masters there created and established a distinctive Taiwanese character in their bonsai. 

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