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Researchers across Canada and the USA tracked 1.3 million people in 30 cities over 11 years and found that those who have more trees and vegetation around where they lived had an 8 to 12 per cent reduced risk of dying compared to those who didn’t. They also found that having green space around your home has greater benefit than weekly trips to the park. What a good reason to add more bonsai to your collection or to enlarge your bonsai garden!

But don’t get carried away. Too many trees can be a problem. In Principles of Bonsai Design, by bonsai artist David De Groot, one chapter made a big impression on me. It was full of practical and inspired advice for anyone starting or maintaining a bonsai collection. David kindly agreed to update this chapter with BCI readers in mind, and the product is the lead article in this issue.

After I sent Carlos Morales the first draft of his article on the inaugural US National Shohin Bonsai Exhibition, we lost touch with him when Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria. A big thank you to Louise Lester, one of the event organizers, who helped finish the article. We were relieved when we eventually heard that Carlos was OK.

Susanna Crespi and Massimo Bandera report on the 2017 Crespi Cup, a celebration of the best European bonsai and viewing stones in an event with a Japanese theme that pays true homage to the culture. It serves as an inspiration to all organizations that promote bonsai and its related arts.

Another inspiration is Larry Stephan’s profile on BCI Director Frank Mihalic who teaches bonsai to kids. Does your club have a program for children? If not, better phone Frank.

With a teacher’s pride, Massimo Bandera presents the work of one of his students from his Spanish school, a professional chef with a marvelous and unique bonsai collection. I hope you enjoy these trees as much as I did when I first saw them.

Tom Elias, Hiromi Nakaoji and BCI Director Budi Sulistyo, share their passion for viewing stones in two reports. Tom and Hiromi attended an non-commercial exhibit in Japan organized by amateurs (the original meaning of the word) and discovered comparable quality and lower cost to those organized by professional stone dealers. Meanwhile at the end of an ABFF Bonsai Convention in South Korea, about which he reports, Budi was beaming with joy when his tour took him to an unexpected destination, a Suseok Museum with delightful and evocative stones.

Lastly, François Jeker gives us a compelling preview of what we can expect at the 2018 BCI Convention in Mulhouse, France. It will be an event not to be missed. Watch for more details about this convention in the near future. In the meantime surround yourself with trees and you’ll live longer, but as David advises, keep them at a manageable number.

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