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  • Species Suitable for Bonsai

    BCI Species Guide

    BCI has members all over the world creating bonsai from many species of trees and shrubs ranging from exotic tropical evergreens to winter hardy hardwoods. Our members have created fact sheets that provide insights into many aspects of these species to help you in your research.

    Consult the lists by Botanical or Common Name to find the name of the species you are researching and then find the fact sheet for more details. Fact Sheets are added as they become available.

    Contribute to this database

    Are you an agricultural expert? Do you have extensive experience with a species of tree? Help us add to this database and make it more useful to our members. Are there species suitable for bonsai culture in your region that you can tell us about?

    Send us photos illustrating species suitable for bonsai. Closeup pictures of young and mature bark, twigs, flowers, leaves, and seeds are ideal to help others identify a species.