Photo Contest: Best of BCI 2015

BCI 2016 Photo Album

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Thank you to all BCI members who participated in the Best or BCI 2015 Photo Competition. All entries were prepared for final selection where judges from around the world chose the Competition Finalists to be exhibited at the grand BCI Convention in Guangzhou, China in 2015.

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Best of BCI 2015:  Viewing Stones and Bonsai from BCI Members' Collections

Hard cover, 200 pages, full color, with Dust Jacket and Sleeve, limited edition.
250 mm x 247 mm/9.84 x 9.72 inches
Cost: $59.00

Publication Date, April 15, 2016

  • Single copy:  $59.00

  • Participants in contest who order 2 or 3 copies: 20% discount to same address

  • Drop shipments of 100 copies or more at the time of printing: 30% discount to same address

  • BCI Clubs who orders 6 or more copies at one time: 20% discount to same address

  • Wholesale (for resale by legitimate businesses): 50% discount on orders of 6 or more copies per order

Shipping costs are extra. For personalized service and more information, send an email to
Larry Stephan, Business Manager.

•    If you have any questions about the contest, contact Competition Committee Chair: Budi Sulistyo.

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