Stone of the Month

som 09 17 greenmadonna

The Green Madonna.

23.5 cm high x 8.5 cm wide x 4 cm deep

Lindsay Bebb collection.

This stone was collected by me in the Border Ranges area between Queensland and New South Wales. The creeks in this area have some stones that are suiseki quality. These stones are believed to have come from the Tweed Volcano which formed when the Australian plate moved over a “hot spot” in the earth’s mantle. Many of the extinct volcanos in Eastern Australia are believed to have been formed by this hot spot.

This stone type has not been positively identified yet, but as you can see it is different shades of green.

The daiza was carved by me from a piece of mallee root. Mallee root is old, dried, dwarf eucalyptus tree root from semi-arid regions of Australia. It is very hard wood that has a beautiful marbled grain.