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Issue 2011-Q2

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Inside 2011-Q2

Tours, Exhibits and Conventions

Bonsai in the Blue Grass Host City; Welcome to Louisvile, the Possibility City,
By George Buehler, Greater Louisville Bonsai Society
Bonsai in the Blue Grass; Schedule of Events
Japan Tour: Asia Pacific Convention (ASPAC) in Takamatsu and the annual Taikan-ten exhibition in Kyoto 



Stones from the Collection of Kathy Coffman.
By Chiara Padrini
Matsuura Arishige; World Leader of Suiseki.
By Thomas Elias and Hiromi Nakaoji
A Morning Stroll through the Bonsai Gardens of Omiya Village, Japan.
By Willi Benz
The Call of Huangshan; The Photography of Tse Li Luk.
By Michael Collins-McIntyre
Introduction to wall scrolls; An essential component of formal bonsai and suiseki display.
By Jonathan Maples, Hyousoushi


Imperturbable like jade, righteous like a mountain. Creating an Impression of Jade Mountain with a Chinese Juniper.
By Min Hsuan Lo
Revealing the Cobra Within; Evaluating Starter Trees.
By Danilo Scursatone
Guardian of the Valley of Laments.
By Giacomo Pappalardo

Ambassadors Corner, by Ian Glew


Book Review 

Min Hsuan Lo’s Bonsai Journey.
By Joe Grande




Calendar of Events; compiled by Alan Walker