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Issue 2013-Q1

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Inside 2013-Q1

Tours, Exhibits and Conventions

The Incredible 10th Crespi Cup, Parabiagio, Italy
By Kath Hughes, UK and Kathy Coffman, USA
Far Fong is Far Out; Taiwan’s unique bonsai style
By Robert Kempinski, USA and Min Hsuan Lo, Taiwan
Bowers Museum; Kofu Bonsai KaiBonsai & Suiseki Show
By Manuel Martinez, USA
Yangzhou Penjing Museum; A legacy millennia in the making
By Zhao Qingquan, China
BCI VIP China Tour; Post BCI 2013 International Bonsai Convention in Yangzhou
By Lindsay Bebb, Australia



Yamadori Dilemma; to Collect or Not to Collect?
By Kath Hughes, U.K.
Painting with Light: Fine Bonsai: Art and Nature; The Bonsai Photography of Jonathan Singer
By Michael Collins-McIntyre, Canada
Bonsai Therapy
By Luigi Bardini, Irene Sturari, Francesco Balbo, Manuela Balma Tivola and Massimo Bandera, Italy


L’americano; a Rocky Mountain juniper in Pennsylvania
By Mauro Stemberger, Italy
Book Review

  Book Review

Sailing in the Ocean of Art; The Dynamic Penjing of Liu Chuangang
By Thomas Elias



BCI Awards of Excellence; Canada and Australia

Viewing Stones of California, Gualala Arts Center 




Calendar of Events compiled by Alan Walker