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Issue 2016-Q2


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  Inside 2016-Q2 

Tours, Exhibits and Conventions

Bonsai Beyond Borders: BCI 2016, Manila, Philippines
By Budi Sulistyo, Indonesia 
BCI Excellence Awards: 2016 Philippines-BCI Convention and Exhibition
Cultural Elegance: 2016 Japan Suiseki Exhibition
By Gudrun Benz, Germany
BCI Excellence Awards: Noelanders Trophy, 2016, Belgium
By Gudrun Benz, BCI Director, Germany
Education and Fresh Perspectives: Bonsai Symposium 2015 in Puerto Rico
By Carlos Morales and José Luis Rodríguez, Puerto Rico



The Wonder of Creating a Pemphis: A demonstration by Min Hsuan Lo at BCI 2016 Convention in Manila
By Budi Sulistyo, Indonesia, and José Luis Rodríguez, Puerto Rico
The Fine Ethics of Tree Collecting
By Andrew Smith, USA
From a Cutting to the Mountain; Techniques for Creating Yamadori-Like Juniper Bonsai
By Min Hsuan Lo, Taiwan, and José Luis Rodríguez Macías, Puerto Rico
Haiku Poetry, a metaphor for bonsai
By Danilo Scursatone, Italy
A Fascination with the Far West & a Juniperus californica
By Mauro Stemberger, Italy
Azaleas, What Passion!
By Danilo Scursatone, Italy

 People & Collections

Stone Paradise; Suiseki from Batang Ombilin River
By Budi Sulistyo, Indonesia and José L. Rodríguez Macias, Puerto Rico



Creating a Bonsai Icon; Sculptor Rick Gregg and The Artisans Cup Trophy
By Joe Grande, Canada



BCI and BCI China forge new links; In Memoriam, Arthur Skolnik