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Issue 2017-Q1

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Inside 2017-Q1


Tours, Exhibits and Conventions

Unity In Diversity: Beyond the Spirit of Bonsai: International Bonsai Convention and Exhibition, Mysore, India
By Nikunj Parekh, Jyoti Parekh, and Sujata Bhat, India, and Glenis Bebb, Australia
On Fire: 2016 National Bonsai and Suiseki Exhibition at Living World, Tangerang, Indonesia
By Budi Sulistyo, Indonesia


Harder Than Stones: Cultivating Tugas Bonsai
By Aries Felipe, Orly Turigan Jr., Philippines, and José Luis Rodrígues Macias, Puerto Rico
“The biggest baobab bonsai forest in the world,” Landscape Planting by Kat Rivier Kai Bonsai Club
By Tobie Kleynhans, South Africa
Petrified Wood, The Overlooked Viewing Stone
By Paul A. Gilbert, USA
Seven Logwood Years, Creating a Logwood Bonsai from Raw Material
By Budi Sulistyo, Indonesia
Revision: Reinterpreting Dance of the Cobra
By Mauro Stemberger, Italy

 Book Review

Tribute to a Traditional Japanese Art Form; Japanese Scrolls:
Their History, Art & Craft, By William de Lange with Teruo Takayanagi.
By Thomas S Elias, USA



Grand Opening:“Italia Bonsai Museum” | Find It. Dig It.
A Race for the Best Bonsai. | Donation of Scholar’s Rocks and Suiseki to the Museum of Asian Art in Berlin, Germany | BCI Excellence Awards | Macro Photography and Pests