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Inside 2017 Q2

Tours, Exhibits and Conventions

Noelanders Trophy XVIII and EBA & ESA Convention 2017
By Gudrun Benz, Germany


The interpretation and development of Juniperus bonsai art from the mountains to the plains
By Jian-Liang Chen, Taiwan
Quiet Stones
By Paul Gilbert, USA
Up Your Bonsai Game! Online Bonsai Education Growing Strong:Bonsai Empire and Bonsai Mirai
By Joe Grande,Canada and Adam Johnson, USA
Yamadori Techniques: From Collection To First Styling
By Massimo Bandera, Italy
Sweet Fragrance: The Charm of Flowering Wisteria Bonsai
By Danilo Scursatone, Italy
Reclaiming its wild heritage: Juniperus Sabina, the Alpine Wind
By Danilo Scursatone, Italy


Sharing Knowledge, Spreading Joy:Beyond the Spirit of Miniature Landscapes: Saikei, Forest and Water & Land Penjing,
by Nikunj Parekh, Jyoti Parekh and Chand Kejriwal
By Glenis Bebb, Australia


Bed and Bonsai in Thailand: Suanphung Bonsai Village
By Jerry Meislik, USA


From Bonsai to Stamps to Photo Albums; A lifetime of bonsai appreciation and international friendships; Upcoming Nationaland International Bonsai Events