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Tours, Exhibits and Conventions

The 8th World Bonsai Convention 2017
By Nikunj Parekh, Jyoti Parekh and Sujata Bhat, India
Nippon Suiseki Association Exhibit
By Gudrun Benz, Germany
32nd Arcobonsai & 19th Arcofiori
By Massimo Bandera, Italy

Bonsai Triennale 2017, International Bonsai Exhibition in Dresden-Pillnitz
By Gudrun Benz, Germany
Celebrating 50 Years, 2017 ABS Convention
By Budi Sulistyo, Indonesia
A Gift of Larches: Expo-Bonsai 2017 at Bonsai Gros-Bec
By Joan Greenway, Canada


Once in a life time! A Trip to Japan
By Alan Jabs, Australia

Antique with Life: Chee Peng Tan’s Junipers and Podocarpus
By IS Ng, Malaysia


Artistic Licence; Creating a Better Black Olive Bonsai
By Budi Sulistyo, Indonesia


Kishkindha Moolika Bonsai Garden sets a Guinness World Record!

On Our Cover

BCI Director Sujata Bhat photographed this masterpiece Shimpaku Juniper, estimated to be 1,000 years old at the 8th World Bonsai Convention in Saitama City. This juniper was found in the mountains of Itoigawa City in 1983. It was handed down to different owners, eventually coming under management of Saburo Kato, the third manager of Mansei-en in Omiya Village. The tree, called Flying Dragon—Hiryu in Japanese—is registered by the Nippon Bonsai Association. To honor Kato’s achievements in bonsai, it was chosen as the symbol of the 8th World Bonsai Convention, 2017.