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Bonsai&Stone Appreciation 2014 Q4

Inside 2014 Q4
Volume 53 Number 4 
Tours, Exhibits and Conventions
4	BCI 2014: Sunrise on Australian Bonsai, A Visit to a Very Large Island by Glenis Bebb, Australia and Kath Hughes, UK
11	An Array of Asian and Australian Viewing Stones at the 2014 BCI Convention by Tom Elias, USA
12	Sunrise on Australian Bonsai: BCI 2014 Exhibit
24	1st Philippine National Bonsai Exhibition & Competition by Tom Elias, USA and Budi Sulistyo, Indonesia
64	Bonsai Triennale 2014: Three nations One passion by Gudrun Benz, Germany
35	Judging Bonsai Part Three: The Criteria by Kath and Malcolm Hughes, UK
50	Elegance & Grace: Bamboo Bonsai by Kunfang Su, Taiwan. 
62	Hard Wood, Easy Bonsai: Carpinus orientalis by Danilo Scursatone, Italy
People & Collections
40	Daniel Robinson: A Unique American Artist by Victrinia Ridgeway, USA
55	Less is More: Cryptomeria sp. by Francesco Damini, Italy, Introduction by Massimo Bandera, Italy
69 	Spotlight on BCI Members:  The Bougie Man from Koloa, Kauai: Sam Lee, Hawaii, USA 	Pauline Muth,USA, Recipient of 2014 BCI Distinguished Service Award A Strong Supporter of Bonsai: Soeroso Soemopawiro, Indonesia
57	An Invitation to Discover Viewing Stones of North America by Michael Collins McIntyre, Canada
72	New Venue for the Noelanders Trophy XVI, in 2015

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