Bonsai&Stone Appreciation 2014 Q3

This issue is full of articles from very experienced and knowledgeable contributors from which we can learn. Lew Buller, Nikunj and Jyoti Parekh and Sujata Bhat provide valuable information and insights into two species suitable for bonsai; Kath Hughes is on a mission to help us understand the complexities of judging bonsai with a challenge to comment on the trees she presents; Kath also profiles her colleagues Mark and Ritta Cooper, whose love of Japan and all things Japanese has enriched their life; and Tony Ankowicz contributes an important chapter in American stone appreciation, presenting stones from The Great Lakes. Everybody loves a bonsai tree in bloom but the Satsuki Festivals in Japan are in a class of their own. Mike McIntyre takes us there to explain the fascination with the tree of “the fifth month.” 

Our feature article, by Massimo Bandera is on Ryan Neil, part of a new generation of bonsai artists who have studied in Japan and are energizing bonsai activities all over the US and beyond. We are also pleased to show you the great bonsai Ryan has created.