2018 BCI International Convention

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2018 BCI International Convention Mulhouse, France

The 2018 BCI International Convention in Mulhouse, France will feature 12 International Demonstrators, 200 Bonsai and 100 Suiseki. Parc Expo Mulhouse is home to one of the largest bonsai exhibitions organized every four years, where the last event attracted over 145,000 visitors!

It has become the biggest European bonsai event!

The exhibition Bonsai Euro Top is open from October 4-14 and features the 30 most beautiful European bonsai presented in a dynamic exhibit that features computer-controlled lighting effects that emulate the path of the sun from dawn to dusk.



About the Convention

Mulhouse bonsai capital This world 2018 event is going to be exceptional. In addition to the 30 best European trees, there will be:
  •   the BCI International Convention
  •   the French Bonsai Congress
  •   the French Suiseki Association Congress
  •   a series of exceptional exhibitions: the most beautiful and oldest olive trees from Spain; the most beautiful trees of the Albert Kahn Collection (Paris); the most beautiful trees of François Jeker’s students; the most beautiful ishistuki of France
  •   the Suiseki Collection of Gudrun and Willi Benz; the Sogetsu Ikebana School
  •   and the Kusamono Collection of Othmar Auer
In all, more than 200 bonsai, 100 suiseki, 12 international demonstrators, and a gala evening in the most beautiful Automobile Museum of the World!

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Mulhouse, France

Mulhouse is located in the middle of a tourist region, with very old villages surrounded by vineyards.
  •  Mulhouse is famous for its museums, especially the:Cité de l’Automobile (also known as “Musée national de l’automobile”) Musée Français du Chemin de Fer (also known as “Cité du train”), respectively the largest automobile and railway museums in the world.
  •  Two rivers run through Mulhouse, the Doller and the Ill, both tributaries of the Rhine.
  •   Mulhouse is approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) away from Strasbourg and Zürich; it is 350 km (217 mi) away from Milan and about 340 km (211 mi) from Frankfurt. It is 3 hours by train to Paris and it is 20 minutes from Switzerland, Germany and the international airport of Basel-Mulhouse.
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More on the Convention

The 2018 BCI International Convention in Mulhouse
  •  The first event, corresponds to the now traditional Bonsai Euro TOP 30, but with two additional exhibitions, the Ishitstuki and Ikebana, open from October 4-12 at the usual price to access the floral show Folie’Flore (7,50 Euros).
  •  The second event is the BCI world congress and will be accessible from October 12-14. There is a basic congress price, giving access to the three places and to all the exhibitions, conferences, demos and all other labelled events. Price: 50 Euros for three days, shuttle-bus included. The food and accommodation costs as well as the gala evening are not included.



October 12
at the Parc Expo
10am: Inauguration 
2-6pm: creation of a large Ishitsuki with Scotch pines by Mitsuo MATSUDA, John WANG and Budi SULISTYO
  • 2:15-6pm: demonstrations by Jean-François BUSQUET and Enzo FERRARI
  • 3-4pm: Guided tour of the Suiseki exhibit by Gudrun BENZ
    8pm: festive dinner at the Auberge du Zoo
    October 14
    at the Parc Expo
    10am-2pm: demonstrations by François JEKER, Mitsuo MATSUDA & Jean-Paul Polmans
    10-11am: demonstration by Soazic LEFRANC (Ikebana)
    2pm: closing ceremonye
    3-5pm: demonstrations by Othmar Auer, John WANG and Budi SULISTYO

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