BCI 2017 Convention Tour

conv itinerary 2017

Itinerary for Convention and Tour 1

Day 1 Nov/03 (Fri)

Taoyuan International Airport–Taichung City–Hotel

Taichung Airport–Taichung City–Hotel


Day 2 Nov/04 (Sat)

Taichung/Hotel–Changhua Xjzhou–Mingdao University (Opening Ceremony at 2:00pm) –Bonsai Demo at Xizhou Park–Welcome Banquet at 18:30pm at Xing Shanjiang Seafood Restaurant–Taichung/Hotel

Day 3 Nov/05 (Sun)

Taichung/Hotel–Changhua–Chengmei Culture Park –or–Chuanshi Garden–or–Wanjing Art Garden–or–Xizhou Park–or –Lungsheng Petrified Wood Museum–Taichung/Hotel

Day 4 Nov/06 (Mon)

Taichung/Hotel–Changhua –Wanjing Art Garden–or–Xizhou Park–or–Chuanshi Garden–or–Chengmei Culture Park–or–Lungsheng Petrified Wood Museum–Farewell Dinner at 18:00 at Huang Chao Golden Hall–Taichung/Hotel

Day 5 Nov/07 (Tue)

Tour 1–Lu Gang Monuments and Departure


Itinerary for Tour 2

Please join us for the BCI 2017 Post Convention Taiwan Tour November 7 -10, 2017

Spend 5days (4 nights) touring the south, east, and north of Taiwan Island, .and then departure

Day 5 Nov/07 (Tue)

Taichung/Hotel–Kaohsiung– Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum– Kenting National Park (Howard Beach Resort, or similar) 

Day 6 Nov/08 (Wed)

Kenting–Taitung–Sanxian Terrace Scenic Area – Hualien (Fullon Hotels, or similar for 2 nights)

Day 7 Nov/09 (Thu)

Hualien–Hualien Distillery Sales Center–Ami Aboriginal Cultural Center–Bohtai Bonsai Garden (Enjoy Lunch) –Zhongzheng Gymnaseum, Hualien City (Bonsai Exhibition, Enjoy Dinner)

Day 8 Nov/10 (Fri)

Hualien–Taroko National Park– 2 options

  1. Taipei –Prof. Amy Liang’s Bonsai Museum (Fullon Hotels-Taipei, or similar)
  2. Taipei –National Palace Museum – Shopping (Free Activity) (Fullon Hotels-Taipei, or similar) 

Day 9 Nov/11 (Sat)

Taipei City–Taoyuan International Airport (Departure) –or Taichung Airport (Departure)