BCI Tour 2016

BCI officially opened three cooperation centers in Rugao, Shuyang and Kunming, the board members attended the Grand 9th China National Penjing Exhibition of BCI-China Committee, and officially signed contracts for BCI/China International Bonsai & Suiseki Convention in 2019.

Shuhui Park in Rugao, China

Unveiling the spirit of friendship and cooperation in China through bonsai.

Guangzhou Bonsai & Penjing Exhibition

Highlights of the 9th National Bonsai Exhibition & the 1st BCI China Bonsai & Penjing Exhibit in Guangzhou, China

Kunming Stone Forest & World Horticulture Expo Garden

Hope everyone enjoys this private Bonsai collection in Seoul, South Korea! Bonsai in in winter. Photos by Frank Mihalic who is one of our BCI directors.