Evergreen Flowering

Nashia inaguensis

Common Name:

Bahama Berry

General information:

Nashia is native to the island of Inagua in the Bahamas. It is a rangy shrub with a mature trunks of 3-4 inches. It has a very small shiny green leaf with close internodes. The fragrant flowers are tiny and form in cluster and are white. The berries that follow are reddish orange. The leaves are also fragrant -- herb-like. Perfect for shohin.


Full sun and high humidity.


Bahama berry likes it hot. If grown indoors it will appreciate warm feet during winter (try a heat mat).


Wants to be consistently moist to wet and never, never dry. Another name is “I Dry-I Die” - unlike many tropicals that can be brought back from the brink of a dead wilt.


Spring and summer fertilize weekly with a balanced fertilizer, once a month during winter.

Pruning and wiring:

Somewhat brittle, but can be wired. Trim frequently to keep the shape. Wonderful for clip and grow.


Grows best from cuttings in spring and early summer (warm nights).


Repot in early summer . . . not late August. At the proper time of year roots can be severely cut with no problem. Never mind attempting to comb out...just saw with a knife.

Pests and diseases:

Pit scale and mealy bugs, especially indoors or in areas with poor air circulation.


Compiled by Mary Miller, Miami, FL.