Tree & Stone of the Month - New Feature


BCI Members’ Choice

Tree and Stone of the Year

Every year, BCI Members will vote for their favorite Tree and Stone of the Month. The Tree and Stone of the Year will be awarded a prize and a certificate. Watch for more details.

With your participation, every month, we will publish a Tree and Stone of the Month.

Send us your photos and tell us its story: how the tree was collected or acquired; who styled the tree; a story about the pot and trays or the artist that created them; a short monograph on the species. For stones: how or where the stone was collected or acquired; its mineral composition; a story about the base or the artist that created it; a short monograph on the geological material.

You can make the story as personal as you like. You can also add a link to your website, blog or Facebook page if you like.

Featured photos must be in color, in focus, on a neutral background, about 1000 pixels wide. If appropriate or necessary, additional photos showing a process or a “before and after” can also be submitted.

Both the story and photo will be considered when selecting the finalists. Every member and club is eligible to participate. All levels of expertise are welcome whether you are a novice, an experienced hobbyist or a professional. Trees and stones to be featured each month will be selected by the BCI Editorial Committee.

This is a great opportunity to share your trees, stones and stories with your fellow club members around the world and inspire everyone who visits the website.


Members submit your tree

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Members submit your stone

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