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 BCI Awards

For over thirty years, BCI has recognized outstanding achievers and contributors to the world of bonsai and stone appreciation. Annual worldwide awards given to individuals by Bonsai Clubs International include the Artist, Writer and Photographer Award, and the Distinguished Service Award. More recently, BCI initiated a new level of awards, the Award of Excellence medal that is given by individual BCI board members. Presented primarily at local and regional meetings and exhibitions, they serve to recognize emerging talent, and excellent trees and stones.


2015 Certificates of Appreciation

Two certificates of appreciation were awarded at the 2015 BCI convention in Guangzhou. The first one was presented to Rosemarie Voelker of Gulf Breeze, Florida for her leadership in managing the social media BCI Face Book page. Rosemarie is an excellent photographer and frequently travels worldwide to bonsai events. Her many postings on the BCI Facebook page have resulted in greatly increasing the number of visitors and raising the awareness of BCI worldwide.
The second certificate of appreciation was awarded to Mr. Chen Chang of Guangzhou, China. Mr. Chang is President of the Panyu Chu Kong Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. and also President of the Guangzhou Penjing Association. Mr. Chang was a major supporter of the joint BCI/ASPAC convention in Guangzhou, a leader in the BCI-China program, and a major collector and artist of Chinese penjing.


2015 Meritorious Service Award

This award is given to an individual or club that has contributed significantly to BCI over many years. Thomas S. Elias, President of BCI was the recipient this year in recognition of his service as president during the last three years and for his long-term contributions to the BCI Bonsai Magazine and the Bonsai & Stone Appreciation Magazine. As president, Tom implemented a board-approved annual budget along with realistic income projections. He also worked to increase income through auctions, donations, and sales of books. A surplus of income over expenses in BCI operations in the last three years has greatly improved BCI’s financial position. Tom worked with others to improve the BCI website and make better use of social media to promote BCI. He, along with several board members have succeeded in reversing the decline in membership and is growing BCI individual and club memberships in several areas of the world, especially in Asia where the largest number of bonsai hobbyists are located. Tom was also the recipient of BCI’s Writer, Photographer and Artist Award in 2001. He has been a regular contributor since 1999 of over 25 articles plus several books reviews and news items to Bonsai Magazine and its successor Bonsai & Stone Appreciation Magazine.


2015 BCI Artist, Writer and Photographer Award

The recipient of this award is Canadian bonsai enthusiast Dr. Michael Collins McIntyre for his many excellent articles in BCI Bonsai & Stone Appreciation Magazine over the last three years.