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The true beauty of bonsai as an industry, is that it attracts hobbyists,artists and professionals alike. It attracts not only those who areinterested in plants, but also people who pursue collateral hobbies and artforms such as viewing stones, pottery and carpentry. It attracts people from many different parts of the world and from every walk of life.

While some of these pursuits require solitary work,there is a huge social component to Bonsai and Stone appreciation. It is at the annual exhibit, expo or convention, where bonsai hermits become social, gregarious, fun-loving people eager to share their experiences with one another.

These events, made possible by volunteer organizers and workers, allow many of us to exhibit our work and enjoy a moment of recognition for a tree or stone we proudly present. Whether the event is a local club show or an international convention that attracts the best of the best, this issue is a celebration of the exhibits and conventions that feature the bestwork of hobbyists and artists.

The 8th World Bonsai Convention, the prestigious quadrennial organized by WBFF (World Bonsai Friendship Federation),exceeded all expectations.

If you weren’t there, we have three reports for you. Nikunj Parekh, Jyoti Parekh and Sujata Bhat report on the convention and present some of the bonsaion exhibit. Gudrun Benz reports on the Nippon Suiseki Association’sviewing stones exhibit held at the same time. For Alan Jabsfrom Australia, the convention was the highlight of his once-in-a-lifetime tour of Japan. I think you’ll enjoy his point of view and enthusiasm.


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